Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shokz Guide Review

Shokz SC2 guide will be reviewed in a moment by reading this you will understand if it's for you or not. After the long anticipated lauch of starcraft 2 a lot of guides were written. I've read a couple of good one but Shokz outshines them all. The main thing which got hooked like a crack whore wast quantities of information shared. Did you know the guide for beginners is bigger then most complete guides.

The main reason why Shokz is so praised is that he's a SC player, and you can rest assure that the road wasn't easy. And I'm honored to learn from such a reputable player. Matter of fact you can increase your game really fast with just a few helpful pointers contained in the guide.

You can esentially differenciate the starcraft player by who are good with micros and the ones who are strugling. Many players nag and cry that learning to use micros is hard or nearly impossible but Shokz guide has a solution for this problem.

With my Shokz guide review i hope that will get somebody to decide to take this route and become an amazing player in the near future. It's a unique guide really impressive content. It has so much knowledge that it will literally blow your mind, in some cases you will suffer from information overload. Don't get me wrong the content is growing and growing Shokz always finds a new way or a new strategy how to pwn.

Some time ago I had a good friend of mine with whom I was sparing a daily basis, and the results were one or two wins for me and one for him, after boring weekend when he was busy with some project, we started playing again. Or i got really really bad in the matter of days or he got godlike skills from nowhere. I couldn't figure out where did I go wrong. A couple of days later another friend of mine dropped me an IM that there's a really cool guide which can get you easy kills. And can you guess what was that guide's name? yes it was Shokz.

After a lot of defeats i've decided to join'm . Steadily I've started to close the ranks and a real competition evolved. From average I went to semi-pro in just a few weeks. At the moment my friend and I are almost equal sometimes he has the upper hand sometimes I do.

Shokz guide reviewed. As a diamon player his guide can be compaired to a diamond as well. Now what you will find in the members section is the following detailed tips and guides with video and commenting. Like having your very own personal trainer who tels you to jump and you say how high. And there's more if you ever gotten stuck with singleplayer and you didn't manage to get an achievement point, you will find a way how to by reading the Wings of Liberty campaign guide.

Shokz Guide Reviewed

Did you have enough? Getting PWND over and over again is not your style then get this guide!

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