Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can Headaches Be Brought on by Training?

We all know that if we wish to lose weight we must get exercise on a regular basis. It does not matter what others might explain; you can't lose weight just by sitting around. What most people do not realize however is that working out can really be a pain. You are probably ready for muscle cramps and aches in your back and in your joints, but are you prepared for exercise induced headaches? Sadly, most people are afflicted by exercise caused headaches these days but the good news is that you can treat them and prevent them. Here is how one can do that.

Drink plenty of water--you likely already know that this is important to do regularly but it starts to get even more important when you exercise. Headaches are often brought on by dehydration and dehydration can manifest after a workout that has been successful and sweaty (sweat drains the body of fluid). Drinking good amounts of water before your exercise, during your work out and after you have finished working out can do quite a bit to help you keep the headaches at bay. It is often all you need to do to take care of virtually any headaches that turn up post workout as well.

Be sure you are doing an entire warm up as well as cool down. Just starting a exercise session can shock your system-blood will start rushing to the places you are working which takes it away from your brain and that can lead to the onset of a headache. When you complete an intensive warm up, your body will be able to slowly but surely improve the blood flow to the areas that need it and then redistribute it back during your cool down which gives the brain time to adjust to the flow changes.

Practice proper breathing techniques throughout your workouts and weight liftings. Our brains require oxygen to survive as well as function properly. People are prone to holding their breath when they do something that is difficult or strenuous (like the hard parts of your workout) and that slows the quantity of oxygen that gets to your brain. By doing good breathing you keep the brain provided with adequate oxygen and can ward off headaches.

If you realize that the headaches are happening regularly and the things that you have been trying are not helping you prevent them, you need to talk to your doctor. Your doctor should be able to help you learn if your headaches are a result of something going wrong while in your workouts or if they could be caused by your diet. It's probable that you might need to use medication to keep the headaches away. Your doctor is able to help you find a way to continue working out and losing weight without having to deal with the headaches.

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Nobody really wants to have a headache; we do just about everything that we can think of to keep them from happening to us. The best part is that you don't have to simply suffer through them. If you take the proper precautions and have the right knowledge, you could totally avoid your headaches!

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