Sunday, May 1, 2011

Taking a Look at the Pokies Randomly Number Generators

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When you probably know, the days when pokies and slots machines were controlled by mechanical means are long since gone. Currently, behind every game of pokies and online pokies is often a random number generator that determines what symbol appears when you press the button and ‘spin’ the reels.

Yes - that does mean that the reels aren’t actually ‘spinning’ whatsoever.

Needless to say, this means that when it comes to Pokies games and online slots, the random number generator may be the one thing that plays a crucial role in determining whether shipped to you or lose, and exactly how much you win. And contrary to public opinion it isn’t fully ‘random’ either.

Instead, the random number generator in every slots machine is dependant on a payout percentage that's set from the casino. This payout percentage determines how much of the cash that's put into the equipment is actually returned on the player.

By way of example: If a payout percentage is defined to 90% this means that out of every dollar put into the pokies machine, 90 cents is returned to players. This is applicable to online pokies too, and works in exactly the same way.

Of course, you have to now be wondering why you should even bother playing slots and online slots if your outcome is fixed?

While it's true that if you had been to continue playing over the long period of time, the pokies random number generator will make certain that you simply win good payout percentage - that doesn’t mean that you can’t make money.

It is important that you understand that the random number generator works in the long run, so over days, months and years it is going to pay out the percentage that it is set to spend at. But that doesn’t imply if you take a seat you can’t hit a large win and just disappear with your winnings from that slots game!

Which is the trick to ‘beating’ the pokies random number generator and making certain you are able to actually walk away with a make money from online slots and online pokies. If you were to stick around and stay in the hand, eventually you'd probably end up losing overall - however, if you win and leave, then you win overall!

You now understand the random number generator which is at the heart of pokies machines and online slots machines, you need to be able to see that pokies can be a game best took part in the short term.

To win, everything you should do is hit the big time once and walk away before the machine contains the chance to gain back your winnings by you!

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