Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Download DS Games - What Make A Ds Download Site Trustworthy?

So you are the proud owner of a Nintendo DS and you have heard you can download DS games off the internet and now you are wondering where you need to go in order to download DS games?? I have good news, there is no need to get headaches, because there are a lot of websites out there offering downloads for DS. Some sights may trick you into paying a little amount of money in order to grant you permission to download the DS games but you should not go for them because many sites also offer the DS game downloads but for free.

It is really important for you to realise that not every site offering downloads for DS can be trusted and you should check the service carefully before downloading anything. If you want to download DS games from the internet you first of all need to make sure that game downoading is enabled on your DS. Even better, get a R4 DS card.. There is no need to worry, R4 DS cards are cheap, you will get them for around on Amazon. You can use your R4 DS card over and over again, so you will only need one.

Once you have the R4 DS card in place, you are all set to start downloading the DS games on your console. Once again, before you start downloading games you definitely should make sure the website you are downloading from is not offering infected files. You do not want to harm your computer or DS, do you?. These days the amount of scam sites that offer downloads that are full of viruses, trojans and adware is enormous and you really have to be careful. In case you are clueless I highly recommend having a look at websites offering reviews. It is always a good idea to follow recommendations. If something has worked for hundreds of others it should work for you as well.

It is also recommended to choose a service which offers 100% DS games. It is a fact that companies offering games for multiple gaming consoles such as Ps3 and Xbox 360 etc, are known for spreading malware. If you want to be even more careful and want to make sure that you are not downloading from a scam site, check for how many years the service in question has been doing business. If it has been doing business for several years, it is most likely a reputable service you can trust. In addition it should offer at least 50k files. These files should be compatible with all version of the DS gaming console. Another sign that the website you are about to download DS games from is trustworthy is the presence of a customer support e-mail. You may need assistance and if you are stuck it is a good thing if there is someone to help you out.

Most DS owners who started to download DS games off the internet stopped buying games at stores completely. Why? Because it is a lot cheaper. This is definitely true and these days it only takes some minutes downloading a DS game. Of course you need to have a high speed internet connection. There is no need to leave the house, just download it, play it and if you do not like it anymore, delete it from the memory and get another one. This way, you will have access to many different games at the same time and this makes the user have an excellent gaming experience.

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